How To Buy A New Or Used Car on-line Course

How To Buy A New Or Used Car

Course Name: How To Buy A New Or Used Car
Course Key: PUR #1004
Course Summary: A practical instruction guide for buyers packed with how-to advice and tips, background and explanations to save money when buying a new or used car
Author: Robert Menard, CPP, CPPC, CGPP, and CPPM
Days Remaining to Complete: 90
Price($): $77.00
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Most of us overpay when we buy a new or used car. How can we not? All the sellers do every day, all day, is sell new and used cars. How often do we buy a new or used car, once every five to ten years? That is economic lambs to the slaughter.

Instead of hiring someone to buy a car for you, or worse yet, charging off on your own to do battle with seasoned sales pros, learn how to buy a car like a pro and keep the savings in your pocket. This course does exactly that.

It teaches how to save hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars when you buy a new or used car. You will learn
• the best places to find information about the car you want
• how to determine which vehicle is best for you
• if new or used is the best choice for you
• how to negotiate with the dealer
• how much to pay for a used car
• how your credit affects finance costs
• how to improve your credit
• how to create a budget whether you buy a Maserati or a Mazda
• essential laws about titles (without the title, you do not own it)
• the “test drive” sales strategy
• how to calculate resale value
• how pricing methods may mislead you and how to avoid being deceived
• the different ways to finance the car
• about leasing compared with buying
• how to factor in mileage and gas prices
• what you need to know about trading in your old vehicle
• about certified cars and service agreements.
• how to manage the used car salesman and his manager
• tips on negotiation
• information resources
• mistakes to avoid

You will find practical advice along with personal anecdotes that punctuate the buying experience, and scores of pointers on what to do, what not to do, what to expect, and what you need to understand about the car-buying world.

Although this online course was written by a Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP), and Certified Professional Purchasing Manager (CPPM), it is not aimed at the purchasing pro. Ironically, purchasing pros would benefit by this course since they are not routinely engaged in this personal pursuit.

In a larger sense, this online course solves the request from the general public for a knowledgeable and workable solution to perhaps the most predominant purchasing problem in America – that of how to buy a car!

Watch a 41 second video by Robert Menard on How to Buy a New or Used Car.

Praise for this course

“This course is a must! I learned so much and realize the many mistakes I’ve made in the past on a personal level when leasing/buying a car; but not anymore.”

Susan Pace-Burke, CPP, AVP/Procurement Manager, New York Community Bancorp, Inc.